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Andrea Sallis is known as a serial entrepreneur, philanthropist, international speaker, business mentor, innovator and a visionary with the power to inspire and create results. She is the founder of Our Cannabis Culture and UrbanCann Solutions, once a social network in servicing the cannabis community that has no culture of cannabis as medicine. Ms. Sallis also successfully launched the first chapter of Women Grow Texas in Dallas in 2015 and is part of the “Original 120 Leaders” within the organization. Her desire for clear cannabis conversations within her community has led her to address the overwhelming need for regional education; where Healthway Education Systems was created. Ms. Sallis increasingly responds to the issue of drug policy reform, disenfranchised inclusion, reentry of formerly incarcerated and the right of patients to safe access. As Visionary officer of Healthway Education System, Ms. Sallis applies her expertise in business strategies and marketing to enhance the access to healthcare and public service providers on the competence and confidence through education of medicinal cannabis in their professions, patients and public to improve their quality of life. Ms. Sallis comes from a diverse background and applies over 15 years experience in real estate development, investor relations and event production to bridge the gap between Cannabis, Commerce and Community. Ms. Sallis has been featured in MG Magazine, iHeart Radio and in the “Women of Weed” documentary released Fall 2017.