Born in rural Saint Pauls Robeson County, North Carolina, Aton is a Hacker, Husband, and Father as well as a student of Agroecology and Permaculture.  Growing up, he spent most of his time playing in the corn fields in front of his home and reading in the town's small library.  Almost every weekend and summer, he could be found exploring the forest around the two acre homestead of his great aunt and uncle near Hope Mills.  His earliest memory is walking between his uncle and the tiller as they plowed a field together. 


After serving in the military he attended Wake Technical Community College and studied High Performance Computing and Computer Engineering Technology where he was exposed to hacking and software development.  He utilized this training to start various business such as a computer repair, graphic design, web development, and technology/business consulting.


After technical school, he took the time to educate himself on the history of African societies and was amazed how that history manifested in modern times in such developments like mutual associations and cooperatives.  He also learned of the massive African agricultural and culinary contribution to the united states.


Aton came to the conclusion that African agricultural expertise was (is) used to generate massive amounts of wealth for others therefore it could be amplified with technology and the increasing demand for high quality locally grown food to generate massive wealth and power for ourselves.


Currently, he and his wife, Anita are cofounders of Mashamba, a food/agri/fintech startup dedicated to building a modern food network that seamlessly connects growers directly with their communities and customers.  They launched Agrowhood to help growers find consumers in urban markets.  Acrefy will help growers find and purchase land to develop profitable sustainable farming communities globally.