Alvonn Forsyth

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Founder & CEO of Higher Level Accounting


As a driven and dedicated professional, Alvonn Forsyth has been involved in the field of accounting for over a decade. He is the founder of Higher Level Accounting company which provides accounting, bookkeeping, and tax services specifically for cannabis businesses.


He started in the accounting industry in 2006 as an Accounts Clerk in the Grenada Distillers Limited, the most prestigious distillery in his home country of Grenada. A few years later he migrated to the US and obtained his Bachelors in Accounting and his MBA in Accounting from the Midwestern State University. During his studies, he obtained an internship as the Accounting Assistant to the CEO of Fidelity Bank Wichita Falls where he was kept on to continue working after his internship was completed. Additionally, his extensive knowledge provided him with the opportunity to be the official Graduate Assistant Accounting tutor for the Dillard College of Business Administration throughout his graduate studies.


Shortly after the completion of his studies, he moved to Dallas where he worked as a  Corporate Accountant with a small pharmaceutical company. However, he was afforded the chance to be the Director of Finance for another pharmaceutical start up company by a past colleague who knew his work ethic; he embraced the challenge and accepted the position.


He’s entrepreneurial spirit and passion for the cannabis industry has led him to utilize his accounting knowledge, experience, and skill in the cannabis niche. He continually updates his knowledge on the complicated accounting concepts and tax rules that exists in this industry and is necessary to remain in state and federal regulatory compliance.


As a contributor to the Canna Real Estate and Black MJ magazines, he informs the readers of some of the latest accounting and tax issues facing the cannabis industry. This compliments his goal to contribute to the removal of the negative stigma of cannabis and help canna-business owners achieve their desired financial success.