Elizabeth Allen


Elizabeth Allen B.S, M.S. is a former corporate executive, 13 year master relationship and business coach, motivational speaker, author, serial entrepreneur, and assiduous student in research and learning.  She has authored poetry and short stories and has frequented the open mic scene.  Elizabeth also co-authored Potluck Cannabis Style - A Step by Step Guide to investing in Marijuana Stocks and authored PotVestment.  Since publishing she has actively been involved in supporting the legalization of cannabis.  Through her work as Director of Business Development with CannaInvestor Webcast and Magazine Inc. she expanded into the role of editor CannaReal Estate Magazine to further bring valuable information to the cannabis community. 


Elizabeth enjoys the interaction of people from all walks of life.  Her business coaching client base is a demonstration of her passion to see all people be successful.  While her glass half full optimism make strike you as a little bit Pollyanna syndrome her veracious reading, researching and calculated methodologies ensures she takes the right calculated risks. Elizabeth is not afraid to seek wisdom from experts in their respective fields and enjoys disseminating information in a way that reaches the masses.  This has served her well in the cannabis industry. 


In her private life, Elizabeth is single with no children, has an aquarium that she enjoys stocking with exotic fish.  She avidly enjoys vacationing in tropical climates and enjoying domestic staycations when her busy schedule allows.