Jessica Potts

Ms. Jessica Potts is a Louisiana native who has over 10 plus years of education experience.  After graduating from Louisiana State University of Baton Rouge with a Bachelor’s in Sociology and Psychology, she went on to attain a Master’s Degree in Special Education and Educational Diagnostics. Since childhood and now, Jessica battles the effects of Multiple Sclerosis and other health issues but remains steadfast in her efforts as an educator for students with special needs and as an advocate for people who struggle with various health issues. With experience as a special education teacher, diagnostician, and curriculum design, she established an innovative academic program that catered to a population of students with learning deficits at area educational institutions.  In 2016, Ms. Potts expanded her expertise in education and advocacy into the Cannabis Industry through building relationships with political leaders and industry leaders via networking events in Washington DC, Colorado, Pennsylvania, Louisiana, and other emerging markets.  In 2018, she established her company, Bonne Santé, which provides patient education and enrollment into the state medical marijuana program.  Jessica has become a well-known industry leader in her native state in the Cannabis industry for education and advocacy. She is now the Education Specialist for Ilera Holistic Healthcare, one of only two Cannabis grower/processors in the entire state of Louisiana.  


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