Chef Kay


Chef Kay of Sirius Vegan comes from a long line of southern-style cooks who prepared delicious meals with creativity and love but the consequences of such a diet has caused premature transitions of family members and has others in her family at great risk. At one point Chef Kay was herself going down the same road leading to serious health problems but then she decided enough was enough. She began to focus on transforming her mind, body and soul through her newfound inner-standing of nutrition. After applying her knowledge gained through traditional training at the Art Institute in Dallas and self study of holistic practices she decided to be uncompromising with her approach to healing the total being through plant-based diet, thus Sirius Vegan was born.

Armed with the commitment to treat the mind, body and soul; let this Sirius Vegan reveal to you that one doesn't have to give up the rich textures and flavors associated with Soul Food. You can have a tasty healthy meal with food  designed by nature specifically for your soul.