Kevin Hodge


As founder of Hemp Adobe Corp, and, Bio Comp US LLC. Mr. Kevin Hodge has 32 years’ experience in the composite design and manufacturing industry.  Mr. Hodge is responsible for design, tool & mold manufacture, and logistics for Mobile Gardens, which teaches people of all walks of life about sustainable agriculture in small spaces; as well as, Grow Smart Greenhouses - "4 Season" greenhouses made from an earth friendly aviation technology; Live Smart yurts - circular, semi-permanent tent-like structures that are simple, smart and sustainable made from poltruded composites; and new concepts in power generation and growing mediums.

From 1982-1986, Mr. Hodge enlisted in the US Marine Corp where he served with the Harrier tactical aviation group.  After his tour of duty and over the next few years, Kevin honed his skills in all facets of the plastics and coatings industries.  Throughout this time, he remained true to his passion for aircraft and worked under contract for various composite aviation companies including Express Aircraft LLC and Sport Intl.  Since 1991, Mr. Hodge has had the wherewithal to found five companies, three of which have been composite manufacturing and design firms.  From a desire to make a difference, Kevin joined a group of pioneers in the sustainability movement to form an alternative energy group in August 2007.   Moving forward, and to keep informed on current issues regarding sustainability, developing environmental applications and future technologies, Kevin stays actively involved in national and worldwide organizations that understand and fully support green and sustainable ways for life and business. 


Today, Kevin enjoys the collaboration in the creation and implementation of new design concepts in housing and commercial structures for residential and mixed use buildings using Hemp Adobe technology and Bio Comp US as manufacturer – his companies - as the vehicle.  Houses built from industrial hemp have been found to use less energy, create less waste and take less fuel to heat than conventionally constructed homes.  Developed from his years of experience, Hemp Adobe Homes are made from industrial hemp using unique and proprietary methods used in the aerospace industry.