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Hi! My name is Katey Herland. I am a Colorado native and second generation farmer/rancher. I have an AAS in Sustainable Agriculture from CMU. I am the owner of Canyon Country Hemp located in rural Western Colorado. I am the founder of Hemp and Hops, an event that will make its debut August 24th and 25th in Montrose Colorado. It will offer a one of a kind learning experience and provide access to a plethora of resources, so communities across the country can get informed and involved in these industries.   I am a wife and mother to three wonderful little girls. My husband and I are going into our second year of high CBD hemp cultivation utilizing biodynamic farming methods. I am very passionate about regenerative agriculture, in maintaining and working with our natural ecosystems, and water conservation.  I believe that hemp can and will be the solution many farmers are seeking to generate a solid and lucrative profit, while best utilizing and improving their land and water. I also believe in creating an unbiased and transparent environment where farmers can receive concise and well-rounded information. Where they can have access to a variety of resources and experiences in order to encouraging positive coopetition and growth. I am actively working on the formation of a group that will facilitate the development of a permanent all-inclusive processing facility for industrial varieties of hemp, here in western Colorado. I am looking forward to working with farmers across the nation and to the improvement and revival of the industries.