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Investigative Journalist – While I entered print journalism as early as 1977, beginning in the late 1980’s my work was strongly directed toward uncovering the deep narrative to some of the most compelling stories of our generation.  As such this has taken me into investigating hundreds of controversial subjects, provoking corrective actions on the part of genuine concern of the global African community, as well as aligning my work with research and study groups, independent media, grassroots organizations and policy formation groups.  Beginning in the early 1990’s I was closely associated with the Washington DC-based affiliation of journalists, the Information Project For Africa. More recent, much of my work is associated with an African-centered think tank, The Falcon Forum, which I founded in 2004.


Media and Communications Specialist – As an early adopter of computer technologies, the Internet, OTT Media and other future serving technologies, I have long seen the great advantage of creating our own platforms for information services, online education and global communications.  My workshop on The Future of Pan African Media and Communications (Sept. 2016) stands as one of the most future-oriented projections on how we can radically transform the way that African developmental communications initiatives can take advantage of the latest and developing, exponential technologies.


Scientific Futurist – I stand as one of a very small handful of “scientific futurists” of African heritage in the world today.  Toward managing nation building, Africans need to advance highly-functioning capability in various logic-based means of forecasting the future.  Scientific futurism includes the disciplines of demographics, science and technology trends, economic patterns, geology and planetary resources, sociology and culture, politics, environment and climate change, the humanities, alternative futures analysis, health and biology, as well as trends in education.  Scientific futurism requires the intellectual organizing of data patterns across this spectrum of disciplines toward the aim of creating processes for successfully traversing the future.


Author / Filmmaker – I am the author of 30 books in the past 30 years.  Beginning with the most recent, various titles include: The Repairing (2016), Living Superfood Longevity (2016), Ebola, America and the New Scramble for Africa (2015), Living Superfood Research (2014), Soul Food: Do We Really Know What’s In It? (2014), The Sun Rises in the East: African Growth and Development for the 21st Century (2013), Off-The-Weight: 30 Days to a New You (2012), Living Superfood Recipes (2011), The Road to Power (2000).  Two planned book releases for 2017 include: Living Superfood Recipes Vol. 2 (May 2017) and Dreaming Out Loud (Dec. 2017). As well, I have produced two documentary films: Chewicide the Movie (2014) and The Africa Trade Link Expo (2015), within another, The Repairing, coming in 2017.


Global Health Policies – I was certified online in Global Health Policies from the University of Copenhagen, Sweden.  Within this context, and combined with my revolutionary natural healing system Living Superfood, I have increasingly developed strategies for combatting both communicable and non-communicable diseases.  As the UN has just adopted the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) to replace the Millennium Development Goals, Africans on the continent and throughout the world are still in need of advancing effective policies to combat malaria, childhood and maternal mortality, parasitic diseases, waterborne and bacterial diseases.  I am an advocate for indigenous growth and distribution of natural herbs such as Artemisia annua, which can reduce deaths from malaria in Sub-Saharan Africa by an estimated 150,000 deaths per year within the first year of widespread distribution.  As well, natural, organic produce needs to be introduced on massive scale to keep up with the expanding food needs of rapidly-growing African populations.


Transnational Economics Analyst – Within the past 17 years I have authored 5 books on Pan African economic development.  We have field tested some of our strategies in the 7 “Kujichagulia Villages” that have been developed in the USA, Ghana and Benin.  The powerful theme of “Africa Rising” signals a new era in continental African development, increased confederation of Diaspora Africans in groups such as CARICOM, new partnerships among both continental born and Diaspora born members, as well as the rapidly growing domestic market for African nations to supply their own growing middle class populations.  My latest book, THE REPAIRING, has presented numerous strategic pathways through which our own indigenous resources, talents, skills and other assets, will be transformed into the sustainable development that will raise African populations into fully developed status within the next 35 years.